The New Way to Sterilize

O₃ low temperature technology

Nowadays resource-saving, material-saving and sustainable new concepts are more important than ever. Existing processes challenged by FDA and other authorities e.g., ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilization.

Water and electricity becoming increasingly precious. Currently, there is no smart and simple low temperature sterilizer available which can, within minute, safely and gentle all material and goods decontaminate.

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Comparison of sterilization processes

Benefits and Advantages of logfive O3 low temperature technology

Possible Applications

Thanks to different quick-change disinfection modules, the planned logfive disinfection device will offer decontamination options for numerous objects in nearly any area of application.

GP surgery & Medical care centres

instruments such as mirrors, probes, tweezers, bandage scissors, clamps, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, kidney bowls, mouth spatulas, inhaler masks, protective mouth masks

Dentists & Orthodontists & Dental Hygienist

instruments such as mirrors, probes, tweezers, rotating instruments such as drills, diamonds, hand pieces and contra-angles, polishers, prosthetic parts, crowns, bridges, prostheses, braces, impression spoons, face masks


optics, probes, ear specula, nasal specula, tongue depressors, instruments such as mirrors, tweezers

Urology & Gynaecology

transvaginal & transrectal ultrasound probes, specula, instruments such as mirrors, tweezers


endotracheal tubes, tubes, ventilation masks, laryngoscopes, spatulas, kidney bowls


glasses frames, baby pacifiers, breast pumps, baby bottles, prosthesis, braces, face masks